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Supplement Advice –  Nutrition and food intake are vital parts of physical fitness

Supplement AdviceSupplement Advice – In terms of losing excess fat, lessening food intake is the bigger factor with its success alongside exercise. However, eating less is not always that simple. At first glance it you may take it as it is, just eating less than normal. But this simple act of reducing food intake sets a chain reaction that most of us may not be aware of.

Food contains both macro and micro nutrients

Macro nutrients are the three types of nutrients that provide energy to the body. These are protein, carbohydrates and fat. Micro nutrients on the other hand, are composed of vitamins and minerals that are essential in keeping the body healthy and functional. Fat deposits are composed of stored macro nutrients. Naturally, the logical way to reduce these fat deposits is to eat less macro nutrients. Essentially, eat less food. However, when eating less the micro nutrient intake is also affected. The normal and healthy eating habit we are used to have more or less set the baseline for our body’s nutrient requirement. Simply reducing the intake of the same food we usually eat means reduction of micro nutrients as well. Losing fat becomes a double edged sword that has commendable benefits and potentially unhealthy side effects.

To offset this negative aspect of food intake reduction, we have to take specific measures that will address the side effect itself

We have to ingest micro nutrients from sources with little to no macro nutrient content. One convenient way to do this is to take multivitamin supplements. Intake of multivitamin supplements make sure that any insufficiency in micro nutrients are addressed. Compared to preparing separate meals that are rich in micro nutrients and low in macro nutrients, multivitamins are by far more convenient. You won’t have to spend more time to do another meal on top of the usual ones that you have. Just take one tablet or pill and you’re good to go.

One consideration with taking multivitamin supplements is the dosage

Take some time to check if one pill or tablet is enough or will taking more than one compromise your health. Some might tell you that you can’t really overdose on vitamins, since they are after all, healthy. This is not true. Although most of the excess vitamins are expelled from the body through excrement and urine, going over the body’s threshold would accumulate these micro nutrients and may cause several diseases. Not to mention that large doses are economically impractical. Take the time to read the labels, particularly the percentages of RDA (recommended dietary allowance). Then adjust dosage accordingly.

Supplement Advice